I think that this is a fraud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think that a Jetstar staff at Melbourne International Airport bought an extra

flight ticket of the same flight with my name .

In the middle of April, I booked a Jetstar flight flying from Melbourne to

On 30th, April, I checked in with my passport and New Zealand visa. But the

flight got delayed. We were sent to a hotel to stay another night at mid-night.

When we arrive at the hotel, it already pasted 2 am. in the morning.
On 1st, May, we were picked up from the hotel at 9.30 am. and arrived at

Melbourne International Airport at around 10 am.
When I was trying to check in again, a staff of Jetstar told me that a onward

or return flight ticket was required due to my Chinese passport and New Zealand

Visitor Visa.

Then, in the beginning, I asked her to buy me a flight ticket from Auckland to

Sydney. She said that there would probably be a problem because my Australian

Visa was getting expired exactly on 1st of May.
I went downstairs to ask a immigration officer whether there would be a problem

with my Australia visa. The officer told me that as long as I leave Australia

bfore midnight, then it's ok.

I went back and told the staff that I had communicated with the immigration and

my visa should be no problem. but she insisted that the ticket booking showed my

Australian visa was expired that day and she couldn't buy me a ticket from

Auckland to Sydney.

So I asked the staff to reserve a flight flying from Auckland to another place

which allows me to enter without a visa.
We agreed that the place should be Rarotonga Island.
She bought me the ticket and printed out the itinerary on a piece of paper from

the International Flight System. She told me the paper was equal to a flight

ticket. But the content of it is hard to understand because of its bad format

and and terminologies used. I paid the money in a rush.She said that I had to

give her the small changes because she doesn't have any. It had gone 11 am by

then.I felt exausted and let her keep the changes. Ihad to get on board before

it's too late. As far as I understand, the checking-in time usually end two

hours before departure time. So my priority was to check in as soon as I could

other than asking the details of the itineraries or looking for small changes.

After checking in, I met her at the boarding port again. I asked her about the

first itinerary on the paper. She told me that it was the ticket I bought

However, after arriving Auckland. I found that under my PNR code of 'MNIHXR',

there're 3 flight tickets, two of which are of the same flight,JQ7217. It also

reminded me that I noticed that there was an empty seat beside me when I was on

the plane.

I made phone calls to Jetstar on 4th, May and 5th, May. But they told me
Firstly, They don't give customer refund because they are cheap airline.
Secondly, I've did the flight, so what is done is done.

I've made a report to ACCC, but I'm still waiting for feedback. Hopefully , I will probably get some help.

Australia-Melbourne - Avalon
New Zealand-Auckland