international terminal - domestic flight

My daughter to was to leave for Sydney today. We arrived at the airport 1.15 hours before the flight but the check-in line was massive - literally 200 metres long. By the time we could finally asked a question with one of the roving staff we realised that we were in the wrong 'terminal' in Melbourne (ie 100 metres in the otherr direction). By then it was 55 mins before our flight. The service desk duly informed us that check-in for 'international' flights was 1 hour prior so she has missed the flight and it was 100 dollars extra to take the next flight. When I brought this to the attention of the 10 other ppl at the service desk who were also in the exact same situation on the same flight - the manager of the desk immediately said 'that's it you're not going' as they clearly didn't want a revolt on thier hands. It was clearly a revenue generation tactic and they needed to get me out of there before everyone banded together to get a fair go. So we lost our time, flight and money and went home to hook a later flight all over again of course with a different airline. When I contacted another representative later on they told me that there was a note on the system that I had abused their staff (which we a lie) and that therefore they would not uplift my daughter. Nice jetstar. I as a flight attendant for 10 years with another airline and this treatment is appalling. I will never fly with jetstar ever again.

Australia-Melbourne - Tullamarine