Jetstar barely functions as an airline

I booked flights from Helsinki to Adelaide return through Qantas. Had no issues with either Qantas or Finair during this booking but Jetstar are a nightmare.

Flying to Adelaide Jetstar lost the baggage in Singapore. I was without clothes for 12 days of my 23 day trip. There answer was just buy the bare necessities that you need and we will reimburse what you needed once we know if your bags will turn up. The case file is woefully incomplete (not even a description of my bag which I submitted verbally 3 times and in writing twice) and the only reason they even found the bag was because a customer service woman I spoke to at the Airport happened to see it on the belt on day 12 and call us personally. They are reimbursing me $300 and do not offer compensation as the bag showed up. However the reimbursement doesn't make up for the fact I had to use my own spending money to cover their mistake!

Coming home they delayed the flight out of Melbourne 3.5 hours due to engineering issues and when we finally boarded they left us sitting on the tarmac for 4 hours with only one glass of water (when a woman with a small child requested another one they said no as they have limited available for the whole flight) at hour 4 the captain announced the pilots could not fly as they were over their legal hours and to disembark the plane. The flight was postponed 24 hours and as they ran out of the hotel rooms about half way through the passengers, I was told I had $150 to use to find other accommodation and $30 for food but that I would have to pay for it myself then request reimbursement. In Melbourne, during grand final weekend and school holidays on a four day weekend. So at 8pm at night I was stuck trying to find my own accommodation which clearly did not cost $150 given that it is last minute and the whole state was full. I booked a room at the cheapest I could find ($400) out of pocket.

I have now being told they will refund only $200 and nothing else for food or inconvenience or compensation for disruptive travel.

Australia-Melbourne - Tullamarine