Jetstar cancelled my flight from Singapore to Melbourne

1. They cancelled my flight from singapore to melbourne and notified me by email while I was in Dublin.

2. They provided a recovery flight leaving 3 days later than I was supposed to leave.

3. The recovery flight is a qantas flight to sydney and I live in Melbourne. So my 7 hour flight will now take 12 hours.

4. In sydney I have to collect my luggage, clear customs and then get on a jetstar flight to melbourne. The qantas flight is going to melbourne but they refused to let me stay on that.

5. They refunded the two meals I had purchased but I have to wait 7 days for that. They refused to refund baggage and seat allocation even though these are extras qantas does not charge for. They then had the audacity to charge me 22 dollars excess baggage from sydney to melbourne.

6. They told me today they could offer me a direct flight but not until the 5th of May.

7. There is no phone number or address you can complain to only a live chat. When I asked for a transcript of the conversation I was told she could not give me one. She told me to cut and paste it which I did but it is unreadable due to the format they use for their chats. When I said I was taking it to the ombudsman she said the tech team would get it to me in 14 days.

Australia-Melbourne - Tullamarine