Jetstar cancelled our return flight ... but it's still available on Qantas ... operated by Jetsar for $3500!!!

Hello! I just went on the Jetstar website to confirm our flight dates for a holyday in Thailand. Unfortunately, Jetstar is the only convenient way to fly direct to Phuket from Melbourne so we reluctantly booked the tickets back in June to fly at the end of November. My wife just asked me for the exact dates so I jumped on the Jetstar website and was a little surprised to see that our return flight had been cancelled even though I hadn't heard anything from anybody. so I begged Jess to chat to a human and after some time I did hear a ping to tell me someone was available to chat with me. They told me my only options where to fly either 3 days before or 3 days after our scheduled date. I wasn't impressed and killed the chat session abruptly, sorry. After a quick search on FLightCentre and WebJet I was even more surprised to see the exact same flights offered for sale on Qantas for $7176 for 2 pax. I guess it makes good business sense to cancel a $1600 trip and sell it again for almost 3 times the price but unfortunately that doesn't work for me so I actually called them and managed to talk to someone who was pretty blase about the whole thing and didn't object too much when I rejected the voucher and asked for a full refund. This is pretty sad as we were really looking forward to get back to Khao Lak after almost 3 years but hey, there's always next year! Sorry about the long post but I needed that :)

Australia-Melbourne - Tullamarine