Jetstar Customer Care - Anything But!!

I had no idea this page existed. My flight was cancelled 24/03/2018. I was put on another flight. I left Brisbane Airport 5 hours after I arrived. As a result, I completely missed my 50th Birthday Lunch with visiting family and friends at The Star at Darling Harbour. I had to Live Chat Jetstar Customer Care upon my return. This lady, Mary Joy, was so unhelpful. She kept sending me Terms and Conditions Links in the Live chat but was not really listening to my complaint. Using phrases like "I understand" and "I'm sorry" but not resolving the complaint satisfactorily at all. Jetstar Customer Care does not seem interested in retaining Jetstar Customers at all. The offer of a $50 Jetstar Voucher as a "goodwill gesture" is a contemptuous insult. I wanted to escalate the Live chat and was told "You will get the same answer as I have given you". There is NO accountability. DO NOT FLY JETSTAR. PERIOD. Whether it be a Special Occasion or not. I had flown with them since they launched in 2004 but after this truly bad, awful experience, I won't be flying them EVER AGAIN!!