Jetstar damage my new luggage and refuse to process claim

It happen on last week 1st May 2019, flight back from Taiwan to Singapore via jetstar, my luggage is new and it is only the second time to use this luggage for travelling, and I spent Taiwan Dollar 200 in Taiwan to wrap my luggage properly before flight, but dont know how jetstar worker can damage my luggage become broken and 1 wheel drop!!
The staff at the airport was perfunctory and only pass me a letter with “Baggage Services Reference (PIR)'' and ask me write in to process the claim that's it.
And now they ask me to a shop just for getting a quote for the repair cost or replacement cost in order for them to process the claim.
what a ridiculous things that asking people to sent a damage luggage to a store just for getting a quote.
Really feel bad and upset with their service!!