Jetstar finally beat me. Flight cancelation and rescheduled five times

I booked heavily discounted flights earlier in the year. Launceston to Cairns. Original trip 5 days staying at the Hilton on a special rate. Reasons we chose cairns
travel was cheap.
cairns is Warm.
Meets Tas Covid requirements.

The original flight has been canceled and rescheduled 7 times. 3 times In the last 7 days.
Each time we have changed our accommodation losing the discounted rate.
We have Lost the discounted car rental.
And the last straw forced to change all flights last minute to Virgin which the Jetstar Credit wasn’t close to covering.
Jetstar originally canceled our Launceston Melbourne leg. Leaving us with no option to change to virgin this didn’t hurt to much.

Later they canceled our Melbourne direct to Cairns leg. Providing a stop over in Brisbane on a different date.

The dates have been changed three times we keep accepting making alternate arrangements losing our Hilton and car rate. They eventually change us back to the original direct flight Date. Very annoying.

This week they change the flight to travel via Adelaide making it impossible to meet QLD Covid requirements when travelling from Tas due to over night layover in Melbourne.

We ask Jetstar if they can change the flight Launceston to Brisbane to Cairns with a layover in Brisbane to meet Covid requirements.
Response not their problem and cannot change the flights route origin.

After lots of arguing with Jetstar staff. We have changed all flights to Virgin. The experience has cost me an extra $1500. Thank You Jetstar it is impossible to negotiate with Idiots.

Pre Covid We would spend $13000 a year on flights with Jetstar, accounted for nothing.