Jetstar finally beat me too

I've had two cancellations through covid and of course these lowlifes don't refund. Now trying to use the next to useless credit they've issued and got caught by their awful website where they consider Avalon a melbourne airport. It's a $150 cab fare so that is NOT a Melbourne airport. Tried to change this back to melbourne airport- - not possible on their site. Try to chat to them- not possible unless you are flying in under 48 hours. Persisted and got some goon who told me no can't change the airport so I asked if I could cancel. Sorry not protected- you'll lose the tickets.

At this point I gave up and rebooked on Virgin- cheaper than these guys with luggage included and none of the website traps they deploy. I have learn't my lesson- never ever again. If you are coming from overseas and plan to use domestic airline services here- this airline makes Ryanair look good

Australia-Melbourne - Tullamarine