Jetstar lived up to it's name Jetstarsucks

Flew from DC to Honolulu to have a few days enjoying Hawaii enroute to final destination Australia. Had a 8:45 flight out tomorrow called Jetstar today at 3 to confirm my seat no problem. At 5:30 I receive an email which I didn't see until 7:30 informing me flight was cancelled. I was told next flight out is on Monday 3 days out and they would only give me $150 a night for new hotel well guess what is happening in Honolulu this weekend Pro Bowl!!!! Good luck finding a room this late let alone for under $150. Plus I have a room waiting for me in Australia guess what they are. 15 hours ahead so I can't cancel days I won't be there . Booked new flight that cost me. $800 more and still can't get out until Saturday. Booked new hotel way off beach for. $250 plus two days I'm paying for in Australia so $1600 later I'm headed to Australia on Hawaiian Airlines. Please learn that booked way in advance cheaper flights can end up costing you more than you could imagine. Jet star you ruined my night and my long awaited vacation plans.

United States-Honolulu
Australia-Melbourne - Tullamarine