Jetstar Processes are a joke!

I had a flight cancelled after being delayed for a number of hours and recently submitted a claim for out of pocket expenses after ground staff assured me this would all be refunded. Customer Service have decided they will not refund my expenses due to the fact the flight was delayed/cancelled due to bad weather and offered me a courtesy voucher. I advised that i had no intention of flying with Jetstar again as this is the 3rd flight in a row which has been significantly delayed or cancelled. So far i had accepted that these things happen, however when it occurs a 3rd time and i am out of pocket by almost $100 and had to take another day of work (worth considerably more than the total flight cost) i am told i am only entitled to a courtesy voucher. I tell the staff that if they check my flight history, this has happened several times and i'm not willing to accept this lame voucher and i want a refund for my out of pocket expenses. apparently no one is available to help me and i have to "wait" for another call...

This is a joke! I'm not asking for refund of flight, or compensation for loss of earnings on 2 occasions now, but simply some food purchased and taxi fares to and from a hotel when my flight was cancelled at 1.30am when i was in a foreign city.

JETSTAR you really are a joke, you make these things extremely hard for your customers and are inconsistent with your policies and staff training. Communication was extremely poor on all 3 of my cancelled/delayed flights which resulted in considerably more out of pocket expenses than i'm claiming for as your staff were no where to be found and are difficult to deal with.

I will never fly with you again. All i want is a refund as promised by your ground staff, i think this is completely fair and reasonable, i am not interested in ANY vouchers, they end up costing way more than they are worth!