Jetstar Screws Me Twice in 2 days.

Several friends and I had booked tickets on Jetstar to see the Lady Gaga concert, however due to the university exam period we could literally only spare the nearly two days that we had. We went to check in at 1.45pm for our 3.15pm flight and we were told immediately upon arrival that the flight had been cancelled due to weather. This would have been fine, except the weather was not located in our airport, nor the airport we were supposed to be arriving at. Jetstar refused to give us refunds on these flights, as we needed to get to Auckland by that evening. However, we were legally obligated to one, as it was not our fault the flight was cancelled and the weather didn't affect any airport we were dealing with. Furthermore, they had known since early in the morning that the flight was cancelled and they didn't call us or let us know, instead they let us spend money travelling to the airport only to be told to go home.

The woman at the desk was rude and unhelpful and continued to claim that we were not entitled to a refund. She instead offered us a replacement flight 3 hours after we were scheduled to land from our return flight from Auckland. Finally we convinced her to let us no if at the checkin time for the later flight, there were 5 available seats, to let us on. After waiting for 6 hours in the airport, with no food or beverage vouchers or even an apology we managed to get on the flight to Auckland, arriving 7 hours later than we expected.

We had booked a 6.45am flight to return to Wellington to ensure we were able to make it to our final lectures for the university semester. We arrived at 5.15am, checked in and then at 5.45 we noticed, without any warning from any jetstar staff, our flight had been delayed an hour, it was then delayed a further hour and we missed several important lectures.

No apology, no information, rude staff.

Don't fly Jetstar if you want to get anywhere on time, added a whole level of stress.

New Zealand-Wellington
New Zealand-Auckland