Jetstar staff member hung up on me!

How RUDE! I was inquiring about a credit I had applied for some flights we could not take due to medical reasons, I faxed off a cover letter, our flight details and medical certificate to Jetstar....and we waited and waited....and waited! No response, so i rang to find out what was happening and was told I should have rang Jeststar back within 3 days to make sure it had all been processed and it is to late, so I questioned this 3 day policy, then asked to speak to a manager, and this employee just kept telling me no, sorry there is no point, so I asked his name again and he said Zac (It clearly wasn't) So I laughed and said, look you did not say Zac at the start of this conversation, then I asked to speak to the manager again, I was then told there was no point and he hung up on me! Not a FAN JETSTAR!

Australia-Gold Coast