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I booked tickets earlier today to fly to Tasmania for the labour day long weekend in January 2019 leaving Melbourne on Friday the 25/1/2019 and returning on the Monday 28/1/2019, when i received my "delayed email" my return date showed being the 4th February 2019. Long Story short when i called Jetstar and was transferred to their off shore call centre and tried to explain my predicament, the operator was claiming i made a mistake........regardless of the fact i double and triple checked my booking and had my daughter witness this, but to add insult to injury was saying it was going to cosy me $200 to change my one way return flight which was the price of my original "return flight of two sectors. I tried to explain it wasn't my fault and explain the purpose of my booking was purely for the long weekend. I was left with no choice but to pay an extra $68 to get back on the day I originally booked. The operator was, arrogant, rude and care factor zero!! Good on you Jetstar/Qantas you are doing a great job in your future demise. I know at the moment you are riding on your high horse as you have no real competition in the domestic sector other than Virgin, but i personally will try and avoid using you wherever possible. Obviously from the other posts i am not the only person making a similar complaint with others. This activity is pure extortion and nothing less!!! I could take this to VCAT but you are so not worth it. At the very least employ staff from Australia and support our countries economy of whom you primarily derive your income from.

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