Jetstar's broken website booking system

I fly often with Jetstar (because I am a cheapskate), or fly in my girlfiend(s). However, Jetstar leaves them habitually stranded midway in Singapore.

Again, last Wednesday my princess flew out from Melbourne but the flight was delayed by one hour and 40 minutes. She still could have made the connection and the check-in gentlemen at Melbourne Airport told her that there were 7 others also going to Phnom Penh, and they would be met at Singapore to be escorted.

In Singapore there was nobody from Jetstar to be seen. Desperately in tears my princess called me asking what to do. She missed the ongoing flight.

At the Malaysian Airlines counter ready to buy another ticket out, I talked by phone to the Malaysian Airlines lady as the information desk was of no help. She referred her to Jetstar staff who then booked her on the next flight out, being next day around 6pm. My princess was also told they booked her into the airport hotel, but no guide to be seen and she could not find it. She stayed up all night sitting on a public seat.

This was her second nasty experience with Jetstar. No more Jetstar she said.

Late last night I was booking another flight and had to start all over again several times due to system errors close at the end. That happened some 4 or 5 times. At last I managed to get to the payment page and on clicking the 'Pay Now' button, another error occured: 'An unknown error has occurred', requiring to repeat the payment process. But the same error continued, no end to it.

Called the help centre by phone... (this was about 1:30am) and I was told that it was because the price had increased while I was booking and that others had beaten me to it. Told her I was not impressed, and when re-starting the booking process, the fare actually had slightly reduced. So much for telling rubbish. Clearly these ladies are told to tell crap - to lay blame at the customer.

This morning I restarted the process... same error on paying. Called helpcenter, this time the reason was because of heavy traffic. Rince and repeat, same error...

Then I remembered I had the same issue at previous bookings and advised the airline about the issue. Clearly they have done nothing.

When paying with the stored Visa card (correctly stored), this problem appears. But when paying with the 'credit/debit card' option and submit the same card, magically it accepts it and completes the booking.

Jetstar... wake up!!!

Australia-Melbourne - Tullamarine
Cambodia-Phnom Penh