Lack of pre boarding Communication

Jetstar you suck.

There is a cursed flight from Brisbane to Newcastle JQ485 supposed to leave 3.30pm daily to Newcastle. Last Thursday29/11/2018 it sat at the gate for an hour before we got off the ground. And now today (Sunday 2/12/2018) we experience a 4 hour delay with stuff all info as to why provided.

There was no updates on the monitors nor were there any visible staff on hand to enquire with. And after over an hour delay there was a website post advising inbound flight diverted. It took over 2 hours after scheduled departure time that any updates were posted onto the monitors.

No the fully paid travelling public were treated like sheep off to slaughter.

A simple fix - COMMUNICATE with your paying customers - before they all abandon your airline.

Yep Jetstar - you suck. Stuff the points- Virgin from now on......