Last minute cancellations further delays - no compensation

JQ 029 Melbourne to Phuket-
Bags are packed we are moments from leaving where we are to go to the airport and the dreaded text from Jetstar pings.
Our house minder is in place the animals taken care of. We can’t go back home.
Our flight was only 4 hrs from scheduled departure.
Reason for the cancellation and 24hrs delay was engineering ? Engineering what ? (however it was most likely they decided to take the plane and direct it elsewhere- couldn’t get any detail from them)
Even though we had to cancel accommodation (1st night in Phuket) and then find last minute accommodation in Melbourne, Jetstar would refuse any compensation as Melbourne airport is within 50kms of our home.
Fast forward 24hours -
No working entertainment screen in my seat.

JQ 30 Bangkok to Melbourne- They expected my wife and I to sit in completely separate rows and location because they changed our seat selection at last minute to apparently prioritise to a child as it was a front row of a section.
After refusing and demanding they seat us next to each other we were disappointed to find that there was no child at all in our original seats but rather middle aged men.

Flight delayed 90 mins because the pilots were stuck in traffic- yet All of the passengers made it in time ??
Jetstar are horrible and the only reason we used them was flight vouchers left over from CoVid and the direct flights to and from Melbourne.
Next time I will book anything but Jetstar and will happily go via Singapore, Bangkok or Vietnam.

Australia-Melbourne - Tullamarine