Lasting Memorys

Reading other complaints mine pails into insignificance. The only thing that annoys me is this is a repeatable issue. JQ982, Gold Coast to Perth, depart 19:20/20:00. During summer on the far north coast of NSW and the Gold Coast humid days are followed by intense thunder storms, it borders on tropical downpours. The tarmac quickly becomes a lake and there are limited covered stairs for entry from the ground into the plane. As the modern traveler carries most of their luggage on their back, getting from the ground into the plane can take some time as passengers inside the plane search for space in the overhead lockers which creates a queue. Even though the plane cannot take-off in this type of weather event, JetStar still heard passengers onto the plane. The JetStar ground staff watch in amusement as families with small children struggle to cope with the conditions. Passengers are stranded outside of the plane on the stairs being drenched. There is little support from the flight crew once inside the plane. Every child under the age of 4 is crying. My annoyance is the total lack of empathy from the JetStar ground crew and the condescending and sarcastic attitude of some of the more mature employees. When asked for some sort of assistance was told just get on the plane and if you don't like it, complain. No other airline at the Gold Coast that I am aware of operates this way. Virgin held passengers back and waited for the rain to ease before re-commencing boarding. To say its about operating to a schedule is a joke as JetStar has one of the worst on time schedules within the industry. Sitting on a plane in wet clothes is not fun. The only redeeming feature is the lack of humidity inside the plane which literally sucks the moisture out of your clothes once you air airborne and completely pressurised.

Australia-Gold Coast