Lies, lies and more lies (and website crashes)

30 hours before my flight, it was cancelled due to "engineering issues". So my 4.15pm flight became either 6.30pm or a 3pm BUT as the 3pm left from the International terminal at Sydney, I had to be there by 1pm. So no flights between 1pm and 6.30pm? No - not even offered a Qantas alternative. I had to get back to Melbourne so had to buy a Virgin Australia ticket. When trying to get the refund, I was told you had to use the website to fill in a form. HOWEVER this kept crashing every time I submitted it. When I rang to complain and ask for an alternative email address to show my proof of another flight I had to pay for, I was told the website was the only way. So only complaint avenue doesn't work, therefore Jetstar have 100% customer satisfaction. And I had to apparently show written proof why I wanted to get home - INSULT TO INJURY!
But it's the lies that steam me up. Engineering is scheduled months in advance not 30 hours. If they found a new engineering issue 30 hours before, that gives them time to get another plane. No, the real reason is that when flights are not full, they cancel them with a bullshit excuse and it's tough luck for the passengers.

Australia-Melbourne - Tullamarine