Lose Luggage and won't compensate - don't fly Jetstar!

On July 3rd my family (2 adults and 4 children) took Jetstar (or should that be half star) flight from Sydney to Perth. Note a direct flight nothing too complicated. At the other end, at midnight, only 4 of our 5 bags came off the carousel. My bag was missing. We reported it straight away and were told it was probably just delayed. So here I am in Perth on holidays with only the clothes on my back being told that I can spend $40 on emergency expenses – it is 4 degrees! Over several days and countless hours on hold and on the phone to the poor sods in Manilla who clearly don’t give a hoot about a missing bag, I spent too much of my precious holiday time in shops and am out of pocket $600 scraping together a couple of outfits, a coat and scarf, underwear, PJs and toiletries to get by. Mostly from discount stores because they’re going to find my case with most of my high quality winter wardrobe, boots and running shoes, right? Wrong! A month later, after following their highly impersonal email based process and having painstakingly recorded all the items that were in my suitcase and find receipts, take half a day off work to get a JP to sign the lost baggage claim, Jetstar has lost my suitcase and is offering me a settlement amount that is less than half of what I calculate the contents to be worth. Are you kidding me? Jetstar treats its customers with contempt – Don’t Fly Jetstar!