lost baggage!

Jetstar is disgusting me!
They lost my baggage in Singapore the 27th of April on a flight direct to Bangkok. Bangkok airport is being so nice and i'm really appreciating the way they're working but I can't say the same about Jetstar. I'm still waiting for an answer from them. They still don't know where my baggage is!!!
The hostel where I was in Bangkok called the airport everyday. I couldn't because I've got an Australian number and an Italian but I was in Thailand.. now I'm back to Italy so it's quite complicated to contact them!
In that baggage I've got all of my clothes, camera, memories, everything I had, because I'm travelling for the last three years. I had to buy medicine in Bangkok, contact lenses and clothes because I didn't have anything with me.
If they can't find my luggage I expect a refund! But I'm not sure this is going to happen. I can't buy what they lost, there were stuffs from everywhere and so much memories. I'm sending lots of email but really I don't know what to do! I'm quite desperate! :(
Good luck guys!