At the mercy of their cancellations

Have had a lot of heartache with Jetstar recently but today was the final straw 😢
Long awaited concert tickets to see Rod Stewart in Sydney , booked last year ( second booking as cancelled first time from Covid) accomodation , days off work , only to arrive at Cairns Airport To be told flight was cancelled due to operational reasons . The best they could do is get us to Sydney later that night after concert has started and providing it’s not cancelled or delayed I guess . They did send an email at 3am in the morning , I was completely unaware of this until after being told at airport probably because I was asleep . Not that it would have changed much !
My life is at the mercy of a shitty airline and they don’t care about anyone’s life and that our plans are something we live for and enjoy and they can dictate to us what we can and can’t do , by withdrawing their flights …. too bad so sad
Disgusting Jetstar , I hate their guts with a vengeance