Sitting at the airport in Christchurch, on time, checked in and ready to board flight to Wellington when the almost standard announcement is made that the plane is 20 mins late....I’m not surprised because it’s normal for Jetstar to be delayed. It does make me wonder if These guys know how to not be late? Seriously what’s wrong here? Do you realise the stress you cause when appointments have been made, people have been lined up to collect you from the other end and people have been up since 4am this make sure they dont arrive late.... we all know how punishing Jetstar staff can be when you’re even a minute late. It’s a shame that Air nz doesn’t offer the same lower rates as Jetstar... it means that they, Jetstar, can get away with this rubbish. Flying is your business, whatever keeps causing these delays should be addressed....check your planes ahead of time , make sure your check in desks aren’t understaffed, do whatever it takes to improve your services. For goodness sakes, try to depart on time!!!

New Zealand-Christchurch
New Zealand-Wellington