Misleading promotional offer

I am a Jetstar Club member and as such receive several promotional emails a week. My eyes lit up when there was an offer of an $80 flight from NZ to the Gold Coast, but when I tried to book two seats for my son and myself, the price changed to $155 each. I queried this by online chat. The operator first of all agreed that I should be able to book two seats for the price of $80 each and asked if I had tried a different browser. I told him I had even tried a different computer!

He then put me on hold and came back, having obviously consulted with someone, and said that the price of $80 only applied to a booking for *one* person. I told him that under NZ consumer law this is bait advertising and is illegal but he had no answer to this.

I have reported this to the NZ Commerce Commission and await their response.