Moral compass misaligned over coronavirus

I booked a flight on JetStar as part of a trip with my husband. We have had to cancel the trip since he is a Chinese national flying from China. The slight complication: I am starting from Taipei (Taiwan) and we meet up in Hong Kong.

JetStar refunded Mr. Lin's ticket but said that they could not refund mine (I stand to loose the entire price). Do they imagine that I still want to travel on my own? The customer care agent even suggested that maybe Taiwan would be included in the policy later (so he is hoping for my sake the virus spreads to Taiwan???)

They also told me there was no way to escalate the case since the answer would be the same!

Cathay Pacific refunded the whole travel ticket for the rest of the trip, for both of us, after a couple of minutes to think about it, without penalty.

Never again JetStar.

New Zealand-Christchurch