Mr L Webb

I found that last night's flight was the most disgusting service that I've ever received from anyone anywhere in my life. It has always been a situation that the cabin supervisor has discretion over carry on luggage if it is slightly larger than the requirements. The departure steward at the terminal/boarding gate was fully aware of this and allowed me onto the tarmac to approach the cabin supervisor for permission to board the aircraft with the guitar. I was bailed up in the corner and treated like nothing short of a terrorist. I was asked to repeatedly "are you right to fly sir". About a minute later I spotted some debri on the outside of the pilots window stuck to the exterior of the nose of the aircraft. I reported this to the second in charge supervisor because I believe that there may have been a very slight change of that being a safety issue because it was someone's boarding ticket that was stuck on the outside of the nose of the aircraft.It had blown there in the wind, and was stuck on because the Nose of the plane was damp, but it was still combustible material. Rather than approaching the pilot to merely open the pilot window to remove the debris on the plane the chief stewardess approached the pilot and interupted his pre take-off checks,asking for confirmation that she had done the correct thing in calling the baggage handlers on board to remove the 'offensive implement' ( guitar ) . This is the first time in my life I have not been allowed to take my guitar on board. Qantas always allows me. There was an overhead locker above me with plenty of space.
Absolutely disgusted, appalled that she approached the pilot re: the guitar and interrupted him, also appalled that the debris was not reported to the pilot. It was combustible material...
Only with Jetstar. What a pathetic excuse for an airline... is my email

Australia-Melbourne - Tullamarine