Mr Ravindra Moona n mrs jyotsna Moona

My ref vf 203
Booking code w5hmsi

My flight I booked for sg Jkt cheap flight offer from sg to Jkt for 14 th may 2012 by vf203 as I recd mail for cheap

offers when I opened it said 10 sg d so I went ahead but. After final booking they charged me sg 92 which includes booking fee of 16 sg dollar which I refuse to pay before going ahead for booking I was not informed abt u charging me sg 16 dollar .
Passenger security service charge (pssc) 16
Passenger service charge 27.80 sgd
Singapore aviation levy 12.20 sgd
I just can't understand why all the extra charges whereas from Jkt booking Jkt sg it was just. 40 usd
I just don't like this type of things if you charge any fee you must first inform custommer than charge not play tricks n hook customers . I wud appreciate u at least return 16 sgd immediately which u charged for booking service fee
I spoke to your reserve.tion in sg today n some mr ken told me I write in custommer complaint n you will return same . I can't agree to pay 16 sgd extra for no reason Jkt didn't charge any such charge jetstar is same in whole world why such games n trick played on custommer
Hope no time will be aw.sted