Multiple charges

I had booked a flight to chch from sydney quite last minute, but more than enough time. (i booked on sunday and flew out tuesday night). i got to the airport on tuesday an hour and a half before i had to so i could check in. when i got to the counter i was told that i had not been booken on any flight and to stand to the side. i stood to the side for a very long time while trying to explain that i had booked and most certainly had paid. eventually they found me in the system but told me my payment had declined. after making me wait around for ages and trying to charge it to my credit card again numerous times they told me i had 10 minutes to sort it out or i couldnt get on the plane. i had already offered them the phone numbers of my credit card company who could confirm that they had received the payment.

eventually at 4.40 ( the plane left at 5.10) i was shoved a ticket ad told to sprint to my gate. no apology or explanation for the THEIR mistake. the girl checked in my bag and i made my flight with seconds to spare.

Arrived in chch and was not surprised to see that my luggage never arrived. they didnt seem to think it was a very big deal as "luggage always gets left in sydney, something aout that place". they definiteyl need to sort that place out. 48 hours is a long time to live without any possessions after all the drama trying to get onto the flight.

New Zealand-Christchurch