Never again will we fly with Jetstar!

Why? Because they simply don’t give a damn about their passengers!
Recently after we were on board and the flight was finally cancelled, they treated their passengers poorly over 6 hours. Then they refused to compensate us for expenses we incurred. Instead, they were mercenary, offering a discount next time we fly with them. As if we’d ever fly with Jetstar again!
This is what happened:
On January 04, 2013, we were all on the plane waiting for the 5.45pm flight to Bali to leave from Sydney. At about 6pm we were informed by the pilot of a “short delay”. We were still on board 3 hours later. Updates were drip-fed only after very annoyed passengers spoke to the pilot. They eventually let us off to stretch our legs and get some food. It wasn’t til later that they finally told us to collect our luggage from the carousel and come back the next day. In the end, we left the airport at midnight and were asked to be back there before 7am for the rescheduled flight.
Jetstar didn’t have any concept of customer service:
• attendants were at best unsympathetic and intolerant;
• staff kept us ‘in the dark’ for hours after telling us that we’d be taking off “soon”;
• they did nothing to show they cared about us during the delay – we even had to pay for water, tea or coffee;
• they refused to compensate us for any essential expenses – airport food during the 6-hour wait, or transport home (at midnight) and back (6am) to the airport;
• all they offered us was a discount on our next flight… what a joke!
We wrote (politely) to Jetstar twice and their management refused to compensate us because we live in Sydney, even though the cost to them would have been minimal compared with non-locals. Why their policies discriminate against locals is beyond me. We also lost our pre-paid first night’s accommodation and breakfast in Bali.
Jetstar, you should not be ‘service provider’ because you dismally fail at it. You are simply not interested in having satisfied customers, so go do something else!

Indonesia-Denpasar (Bali)