Never again!!Double cancellation within a 10 days stay in Bali

My husband and I booked a return flight Perth-Bali from 30th of september to 12th of october. We didn't know jetstar was going to spoil all the fun of these supposed to be relaxing holidays!
On the 30th when we arrived at the airport (and not before so that you are sure to be uncomfortable waiting at the airport) our flight was mentioned as delayed.... for the next day 4.05 pm. We had then to find a room in Perth which is really not a piece of cake (as thy reimburse only 150 AUD for the hotel and no hotel is so cheap in Perth and have not enough hotels for everybody!).
As it was the first day of our holiday, we tried to keep smiling and choose to keep cool.
The next day our flight finally took off around 5 pm.
But this was the appetizer concerning the troubles we had with jetstar!
2 days later we decided to fill in the online form for travel expenses request so that jetstar reimburse our hotel night, the cab, the dinner and breakfast we had to pay because of our flight delay. Of course the form isn't that easy to fill n as you have to scan all your receipts, and respect a certain size for the file etc and above all it doesn't recognize the European bank account details! Si impossible to submit it opnline as it always said: bank account details unvalid! grrrrr
I then tried to get someone on the phone who could help us. And I raelly think people from jetstar are told by the managers to try to discourage, getting you crazy with question not related to your problems. the woman I had on the phone asked me to try to fill in the form online with her, like a child you would take by the hand! of course after 30 min spelling her names, ban account details etc she got the same result! impossible to submit the form...but she said it was all done (if it was i should have received automatically an email to confirm).
So I decided to try to get a written proof of our refund request and start seeking for an email email address mentioned on their website...
So I found Dontflyjetstar and email addresses at jetstar other people managed to get after complaining. Thank you!!
i got i contact with one customer care agent who was able to solve our problem; At this stage, Jetstar spoiled 1,5 day of our holidays al together.
For the return we were a bit worried to experience the same kind of problems but we were quite confident that this couldn't happen on ths flight as well. We were wrong!
Flight scheduled at 3.05 am. So we waited until lidnight in the lobby of our hotel before going to the airport. We checked our emails until the very last moment and no news from jetstar: no news good news!no?
No, we arrived at the airport and the flight was cancelled! next flights for Perth scheduled the day after at 11h45, 14h40 an and 18h45 (the last two with virgin australia).
They first tried to put us on a flight Bali-Melbourne-Perth: 14 hours of travel instead of 3,5h!!no way! then they said there was 2 seats on the flight at 14h40 pm. But that was obviously to keep us quiet, they could'nt put us all on that flght.
Having still the email address of the customer care agent that helped us for the previous trouble I decided to send her an email saying that we have to get the 14h40 flight and can't afford to be on the 18h45 flight. (it is then 2.30 am!!).
She called me the next morning (this morning!) during 2 hours, trying to find a solution (i stop all details because it's too long) Well here we are, we are still in Bali, scheduled on the 18h45 pm flight with Virgin but who knows what is gpoing to happen next, i'm sure they overbooked that flight too! Jetstar sucks and i'm never gonna fly with them again. They are note that cheap but you get all the disadvantages of a low cost company. And I have never had such a bad experience with any other low cost company.
Don't fly with Jetstar, pay a little bit more (or not even!) but enjoy your holiday from the beginning to the end!!!

Indonesia-Denpasar (Bali)