A nightmare at Melbourne & Bangkok airport... 19/12/2016

Multiple delays ending up in over 10h of waiting time unable to exit extremely bad Melbourne airport to catch some fresh air. Missed the connection in Bangkok. The chaos started early upon my arrival at the airport, unable to check in on the kiosk the Jetstar employee at the counter was crazy rude, didn't even know if they are affiliated with Turkish Airlines (my connecting flight from Bangkok). When they resolved that doubt they told me my bag was going all the way to Zagreb and it was also confirmed by the employee at the gate when I realized I'm missing the connection flight. They were also promising hotel accommodation...

Upon 10+ hour late arrival at Bangkok at like 9 in the morning we realized there were no representatives of Jetstar but just one confused Thai airport employee who had the info about our rebooked flights. We were told that we should go and pick our bags. One thing they obviously didn't know and didn't care about that I was unable to enter the country as I had to have a Visa to be granted entrance yet alone have some kind of hotel accommodation. The next couple of hours were basically just trying to contact Jetstar, I managed to do so via their online chat/help service and they were assuring me the bag will follow me to my final destination. Obviously, I didn't believe them and later when I checked in at Turkish Airlines they spend quite some time in order to find my luggage.

As a result of all of this, I spent over 10 hours at Melbourne airport waiting for a 9h flight, over 10 hours at Bangkok waiting for the connecting flight and over 10 hours at Istambul airport waiting for the ride to my final destination.

I understand that safety is a priority, but the whole problem is how they handled the situation, and in my opinion, they handled it extremely badly. Never again flying with them, especially if it's a long haul flight.

Australia-Melbourne - Tullamarine