No Bag for four days!

My Mum and I recently flew to Bali from Brisbane. When we went to get our baggage in Bali my Mum's bag was there but mine was no where to be seen. We asked the baggage desk if they knew what might have happened.
It turned out that my bag wasn't even loaded on the plane in Brisbane. They then said that my bag would arrive the next day on the next flight from Brisbane and that someone would call us with an update.
Nothing happened !!! We had to call them and then to find my bag still wasn't on a plane and was still sitting in Brisbane airport. I finally received my bag 4 days later. I thought it was worth asking when checking in to fly back if there was any chance of an upgrade, even a free meal. Not a chance !! the staff were rude and not helpful at all.

No more Jetstar International for me !!

Indonesia-Denpasar (Bali)