No food in StarClass unless you pay for it

Over an hour in the air from Honolulu to Sydney, we asked for something to eat. We were told rudely, in no uncertain terms that food would not arrive for another couple of hours. Apparently this was because we were in the air and 'on Sydney time'. Being very hungry we asked if they could perhaps serve us a sandwich. They reluctantly went down the back and returned with sandwiches and proceeded to charge us for them.
As for the seats in StarClass, don't let those glossy ads fool you. It is a (badly) glorified economy seat. Funnily, in their announcement when you get on board they say "no sleeping on the floor". Now that's really mean. What I would have given to have been able to lay down on that floor after being glued to those awful seats.
JetStar, you are cheap and nasty. And don't ever attempt to complain.....they deliberately make it so difficult so you give up. How the regulatory authorities allow this airline to get away with their tactics just goes to show how weak they are.

United States-Honolulu