No listening, No discussion, No Empathy

My Infant and I arrived at the airport one Saturday morning last year to depart Christchurch in our move to Auckland (for Earthquake reasons).
Upon check in I was asked if I realised I had only paid for 20kg of Luggage as I had two suitcases, of which I replied yes and that the second 13kg suitcase was my infants bottles, formula etc.
I was then advised that I would have to pay for the excess baggage.... $195.00 for 13kgs ONE WAY !!!
Of course this would never had been an issue, or brought it the first place if I had of been informed otherwise when I called to check......
One month earlier My husband, infant and I travelled to Auckland, return in which I paid for 15kg luggage for myself only. After I had booked the flight I called Jetstar customer service in regards to infants travelling and baggage allowance and was informed there was no set limit and that we could take what we needed. (similar to airlines such as Air NZ etc)
On this flight I checked in a suitcase (15kg) and the same 13kg suitcase for my infant as well as a car seat. There was no questions and travel was smooth on the way there and returning. Due to this I did not expect to be told different in exactly the same flight leg two weeks later.
I explained this to the check in assistant and also to the manager who ended up being called when I broke down in tears regarding the $195 (more than I paid for the original flight and well out of my price range due to the cost in having to relocate). . I was told abruptly my last booking did not apply and the customer service representative I spoke too would have had to have made a note to advise she had informed me of that for it to be applicable..(is this is some way calling me a lier or just that they don't want to be held accountable for what their staff actually inform customers?). I was then promptly informed I had a choice to make and if I did not pay $195.00 that I could not take that suitcase on the flight - Case closed.
Choice? My infant could not go without his bottles etc ... In tears I hand over my credit card, knowing this is a debt that will take me months to repay. The worst way to leave a city I have lived in for years.

I guess all in all, the only reason I had packed the extra suitcase was due to being informed this was ok and having travelled with it previously without it being an issue. I did not believe this was fair to be stung $195.00 when it was a genuine mistake upon Jetstar advice.

I wrote to Jetstar and three months later received a $15.00 voucher (not sure how that in anyway helps out) and three months to use it, although adding to the insult later discovered this was not a valid voucher after three long calls to customer service, one being disconnected and another who tried to inform me I had already used it.

Lesson well and truly learnt.

New Zealand-Christchurch
New Zealand-Auckland