No refund for uneeded service and rubbish charges! - Charity fun!

Hi all,

I created a group on facebook with the full story of my problem ( but basically the gist of it is that I am sick of having to pay for being tall (for extra leg room), having to pay to for things I did not ask for (and not being able to get a refund) and their practices just stink.

Now I am looking for some fun way to protest JetStar while flying with them as I can't avoid it (something funny printed on a t-shirt or something). Send me your ideas in the other group and the charity where you want me to send the money they don't want to refund me ($40 dollars +$40 more for a really good idea), and the best idea get's their charity funded. It has to be legal I have to be allowed on the plane and it has to be funny. :-)


Australia-Melbourne - Tullamarine