No STARs in Jetstar

Jetstar SUCKs !
What a horrible company to deal with and their support staff are totally unsympathetic. Made an error in booking my flight which is in 5 months’ time. I booked an 11am flight instead of 11pm.

Less than 12 hours after I made the booking I noticed the error and contacted Jetstar, only to be told that I made the error (thanks but I already know this). They also informed me that it was going to cost $75 per person to change the booking because it is an international flight from Bali. Plus there was also going to be a price difference in the fare. I told them that there was no price difference because I had booked a holiday package through Expedia and there was no difference on their website had I selected the later flight. I could also prove this to them because the flights and fares relating to the holiday package I booked were still there and available for all to see. They told me that they did not have the capacity to view the Expedia site.

Obviously I rang Expedia and they told me to contact Jetstar. Even though you book with Expedia, Jetstar emails you their own invoice and paperwork.

On calling Jetstar, the operator kept mentioning that I had chosen an economy class ticket a few times just to remind me that economy class tickets are second rate and that I should not have any expectations when it comes to making changes.

On principle alone I will not pay one cent more. I believe that customers should have 24 hours to make changes to their flights without penalty. Especially if your booking is 5 months away. Genuine mistakes like mine are common these days, especially with elderly people who are not used to the technology of booking online. But Jetstar will only kick you when you are down and show no flexibility.

The sooner they pass a consumer law that all airline companies need to allow for flexibility in booking changes within the first 24 hours the better it will be for everyone. I cannot see why our consumer laws are so poor when it comes to airline companies. People need to stand up for dubious behaviour such as this where there is absolute no understanding or empathy provided.

If your flight runs late or they lose your luggage for a day or two then its OK. They can get away with an apology but not the other way around. I wonder how much money $$$ they make a year based on people's mistakes when booking online???

How un-Australian and shameful have these big companies become. Hope our Government steps in and has a hard look into the airline industry. A royal commission should be on the cards!

There are no stars in Jetstar that's for sure.

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