No Wheel Chairs allowed on Certain flights according to Jetstar Manifesto

I was booked to fly Jetstar on 14th Nov 2019 but I had an accident and injured my foot. Tried to add a wheelchair for my flight and was told all wheelchairs had been hired. I offered to use my own wheel chair but Jetstar Live Chat staff told me if wheel chairs are not available on that flight then there can be no other wheel chairs allowed under the company's so called MANIFESTO .
I cannot believe this of Jetstar, to deny a person who requires a wheel chair even thought the person is ready to pay for the use of it on board. This is a direct discrimination against a person and a total lack of empathy for an injured person by an airline .
As a result I was forced to cancel my flight and lost my money for myself as well as my companion travelling with me plus the luggage I had paid for.
I can furnish my doctor's report for jetstar's information.
Incidentally my booking reference was LWKDMR
I am utterly disappointed with Jetstar and would not use the airline again
Tan Geok Sim