Not even sure anymore...

Took a JQ Shitstar flight from Sydney - Fiji and arrived at the terminal 1 hour before flight departure time got on the flight. On the way back from Fiji - Sydney, we arrived a bit more than 2 hours before the flight departure time. We had checked in online before hand the day before. Got to the gate and it was closed. Apparently they had already checked 'everyone' on and closed the passenger manifest and didn't want to open the doors at the terminal and let us on the plane (EVEN THOUGH the plane was not going to take off for another 2 hours...maybe 3 hours given that there are always delays on Shitstar). Another family of 3 was in our situation and denied entry. The father of that family had a heated conversation with one of the supervisors. Long story short, we had to pay AU$500 to board a Fiji Airways flight (economy class) back to Sydney...and I can tell you this - FRIENDLY & FAST CUSTOMER SERVICE, COMPLIMENTARY DRINKS (as many soft drinks and alcoholic beverages as you wanted), DINNER, SOFTER & BIGGER SEATS WITH RADIO, AN OVER HEAD MOVIE, 2 TOILETS, BLANKETS & PILLOWS, HEADPHONES ect. the list goes on and all this is what jetstar not even sure why Jetstar is so appallingly bad.

Let me get this perfectly clear cut:

I am never catching a Jetstar flight again. I will strive to persuade friends and relatives not to do business with Jetstar. I hope Jetstar is bought by a larger foreign airline and improved...if not I hope Jetstar burns to the ground and its ashes are used to fill a kitty litter box for an obese cat with AIDS and diarrhea.