My younger brother and I separately booked our tickets from Adelaide to Brisbane 3 days apart, when we got to the airport somehow there was only 2 tickets in his name. I live in Queensland and my brother doesn’t, there is no possible way I put his name on my ticket. We tried talking to all the staff around the luggage counter and they were just being rude and not helpful, one lady made it so I couldn’t print out my boarding pass. I had to go to the front desk and try to get help, I’m obviously frustrated and upset as I think I’m about to not get to go home. They get federal police to come over and stand near me and make me have to explain the situation to MORE people.
I am then given the only option of paying $75 to get the name changed even though it was definitely their stuff up from the beginning.
Then in flight my brother was wearing his keffiyeh (a traditional Palestinian headdress) and spoke some Arabic to me on the plane, not a lot just a little telling me that he needed a cigarette. A racist old man in the row across from us started getting angry and telling us not to use that language on the plane and telling us “You’re about as Arab as I am mate”, we were frustrated and responded that we are allowed to speak whatever language we wish and that he’s clearly just a racist and needs to get with the times. He was yelling that he would knock us both out and we just laughed as his whole family joined in the rant.
The stewardess’ then came over and started yelling at us saying that we were trying to “Insight terror” and that we had to “shut up” for the rest of the flight and that AFP would be waiting for us when we landed on supposed terror threats. We realised that was pretty serious so we sat quietly for the rest of our flight. It’s near landing time and the old mans son told the stewardess that my brother had stood at the front of the plane and ran his finger across his throat in a “slitting his throat notion” and that we had continued to speak Arabic, and that we also said the word terrorist “about 20 times” which were all completely untrue. The stewardess then became extremely rude and we said we don’t wish to speak to her, and that these people were lying and she was just yelling at us for no reason. The old mans son who made the recent accusations was sitting smirking at us putting his finger up at us. We landed and were dragged off the plane by the Australian Federal Police and not even allowed to get our bags. It was a racist and embarrassing experience and I will never be flying with Jetstar again.