Rude staff - ill equipped to deal with cancellations due to bad weather

Flight to Hobart at 5:45pm today was cancelled due to extreme weather at Sydney airport. Next available flight not till Sunday morning. Means I miss a very important function. Not JetStar's fault. These things happen.
However, when I expressed my dismay about missing the function to the staff member at Gate 57 she refused to serve me because I was making my issue "personal" which was apparently upsetting to her.
I left the airport without being able to rebook a flight, or obtain a voucher. It's taken me hours at home to organize a refund voucher and I only got that because I called the JetStar complaints line (and yes, I was on hold for a very long time).
I understand that severe weather stops flights. However, the manner in which JetStar dealt with this situation today was woeful. There were few announcements and not enough staff to help passengers with rebooking flights. Any available flights were gone by the time I got to the front of the queue and it was impossible to book anything online, though I tried repeatedly.
Message to Jetstar staff: All you need to do is show a little bit of concern for the situation that stranded passengers are in. You can fake it if you like. It doesn’t have to be genuine. But try and make a bit of an effort to at least appear human.
We get that it's not your fault. We get that you are busy and stressed, but we are paying you. I’ve paid you thousands of dollars over the years for commuting between Hobart and Sydney. Never again.