Shocking Customer Service and Laughed at 8 customers very pissed off

Jetstar Sucks the Kumra big "Time Do not Fly with them"....
Flight 5:10pm from Wellington to Auckland

8 people including myself were at the jetstar line-up exactly 30 minutes before flight - NONE of us had luggage!

We were told as we did not get to the counter within 30 minutes that our flight was closed - in spite of the fact that people were still queuing to board!
- they stated that for domestic flights you rally need to arrive 1 hour before and international 2 hour's.... BOLLOCKS I say.

Additionally to this we were told the only option was come back 10am tomorrow morning and pay again for a flight to Wellington -

Myself and the other 7 people politely said - thanks for your customer service - buts that not a solution - they laughed and said that it or nothing. I saluted with using my best finger and moved on.

Visiting the Air NZ counter (several of the Jet star people with me) I paid for a flight to Wellington and boarded a plane to wellington from auckland that LEFT the AIRPORT before the Jetstar Flight was off the ground! - JETSTAR you SUCK .... was willing to give you a go .... but NOT now ....

This website is now going to hit my Facebook ....

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New Zealand-Wellington