Shocking Jetstar Service

Recently returned from Bali to Melbourne on a Jetstar flight and the experience was a very unhappy one.
1/. Day before due to fly out received email advising the flight had been rescheduled and would be departing 24 hours later “because of crewing requirements”
2/. Flight departure time was then changed THREE times, eventually flying out three hours late.
3/. Owing to a serious medical condition had treated myself to a Business Class seat and when requested a second sachet of pretzels was advised by staff member that unfortunately Jetstar only supply sufficient for one serve per passenger, but she would see what could done(!).......eventually provided another sachet.
4/. After dinner I requested a Baileys liqueur only to be advised they didn’t have any owing “to the supplier letting them down”

Remember this was in Business Class, where the premium paid is not insubstantial and one would think such basic requests could, and should, be met.

Another black mark for Jetstar was when my daughter, who’d joined me for a week, was returning home and after just being seated found she’d left her wallet in the waiting area after rearranging her backpack. The plane was still loading and she was panicking as the wallet contained a not insubstantial amount of dollars, driving licence and credit cards. She requested to the staff to be allowed to run into the waiting area as she knew where it would be. The staff refused to let her off the plane and made her stay in the seat. The wallet and its contents were never handed in to lost property at the departing airport so consequently everything was lost.
How disgraceful that Jetstar staff would not allow my daughter to quickly run back to the waiting area to retrieve her wallet, particularly as the plane was still loading passengers.

Jetstar have lost not only my business, but that of my daughter, family and many friends and acquaintances who’ve heard our stories and have also experienced appalling Jetstar non-service.

Australia-Melbourne - Tullamarine
Indonesia-Denpasar (Bali)