Sorry you missed your flight...we moved it FORWARD 8 hours!

My husband booked us tickets for me to spend my birthday at Sydney Mardi Gras in Sydney. Not a long trip, fly in Friday, fly home Monday. On Monday, we arrived at the Sydney airport at 5.00pm for our 7.00pm flight. At the counter we were told that our flight left at 11.00am that morning and as they'd sent us an email on Friday, we wouldn't be getting a refund.

Hello Jetstar....not everyone has (or wants) internet access on their holiday - ASSumptive. We didn't have internet at my friend's place. No text to either of our phones letting us know of this change.

We enquired about transferring to another flight but apparently there would be none until Thursday (3 days later).

Jetstar changed our flight times out of New Zealand six different times. We put up with this no complaints and due to the changes that affected my work, we flew separately to Australia and hubby waited 5 hours at Sydney airport for me to arrive. Again, no complaints from us, we went with it and went on to make the most of our weekend.

How rude and arrogant you are Jetstar to assume people could drop what they are doing and make their flight 8 hours earlier, and that's not considering the travel to the airport and check in times. People have lives Jetstar but there's such a lack of professionalism in your operandi that it just doesn't seem to matter to you. It must be soul destroying being a Jetstar employee and how incredible that this website exists and continues being contributed to.

Air New Zealand came to our rescue and got us back to NZ 45 minutes earlier than our original scheduled flight. It cost us NZ $600 that luckily we could pay for. I can't imagine what a large family or persons who had a tight budget would have done.

Shame on you Jetstar - the future of your business shall be of much interest.

New Zealand-Auckland