staff have no ethics or standards

today jetstar cancelled my flight due to a staff shortage.

all of the passengers were ready to board the flight.

So I ran to the ticket desk to get the next flight as every hour I was late to brisbane, would cost me $1,000

I was 3rd in the line. The staff, all 5 of them, were busy at the time arguing over who was due their 15 minute break. Whist the queue grew to over 200 people.

1 of the 5 jetstar staff was actually serving customers. At same time, one of the staff told everyone in the queue to load the app and they stood pretty much a snowflakes chance in hell of getting the few remaining seats on a jetstar flight that day.

I had 2 of my staff and my wife looking for some way of getting me to brisbane. They found a qantas flight for $1,000 but by the time the Jetstar staff finished arguing over who was to take their break during the pandemonium ...... the flight became $2,500

So the last remaining seats on the qantas flight they sold for $2,500 each as a direct result of issues with an airline they also own.

So they profited from the demise of the poor passengers of whom their travel plans were sent into complete turmoil because they refused to pay standby staff adequate penalty rates. The cost to the passengers for that cancelled flight could be in the millions. I am sure if they offered a staff member $5,000, the flight could have gone ahead - delayed but gone ahead. But they ended up profiting from this situation with people booking qantas flights at $2,500 per seat.

If I screw over one of my customers, the last thing I am looking to do is profit from the misery I have caused them. Qantas, I believe, set up Jetstar so they could do this. Please keep in mind, I booked this flight through the Qantas website. So they have some responsibility surely?

If any of my staff were arguing about their 15 minute break in front of 200 angry customers, they would be fired the next day.

Today has cost me over $5,000 and Jetsars response is that I SHOULD have a response within 7 days. That didnt help get me to where I was going. Their primary function is to get people to where they are going. Today they failed in a catastrophic nature.

I have spent $1.6 million with the Qantas group. I have been gold FF for number of years. This is the "service" I get from them. Alan Joyce promised better service twice this week on the news. Well, he has already failed.

given the events, I am certain that the Qantas board sit down in meetings and decide how else they can cause their customers havoc and profit from it. Today - thats exactly what happened.

I have contacted the ACCC as the Qantas prices went up by up to $1,500 for flights that day when the Jetstar flight was cancelled. Which is clear evidence that they were profiting from the demise of their Jetstar customers. Alan Joyce needs to not only apologise, but actually fix this practice which should be illegal,

if anyone was also affected by the events of today, my email address is

i intend on making this right and getting people held accountable for their actions all the way to the top......

he said better customer service. this is extortion. thanks alan but You need to be on a current affair to explain this hey????

Alan, your job is to get people to where they intend to go and in fair manner. Today both of your companies failed your customers. So what is your new pledge to your customers? As you have already failed the better customer service one. I am embarrassed that you are still spending money claiming to be the "Australian" airline. Whilst putting in management decisions that screw your customers. That's not Australian. please don't claim what has happened here is Australian. As I don't intentionally rip off my customers that have paid me over $1million. I thank them.

If they claim to be the "Australian" airline, then they need to represent what we expect having claimed as such. to jack up prices for the poor people that dedicated their time and money to Qantas and its other airlines, only to be ripped off if they wanted the service that Alan provides, at $2,500 a seat, because his other airline failed, is extortion.

he could have made the call and got at least some of the poor passengers to their destination via Qantas, especially if they booked the flight via the Qantas website. But he failed here ?

Australia-Melbourne - Tullamarine