still waiting on death jet star response on internal investigation, however was correct they covered it up but i have surprise for them

As i was advised by death jet star they were concerned of what took place and the customer advocate stated she was doing internal investigation and would come back to us with her findings. Yer right i rang to see where it was all at and was informed they have 7 days to come back with response of investigation, took them close to 3 weeks and was sent an email only i called.
investigation found nothing as there was no response to the so called investigation nor would they supply the incident and dangerous goods reports as there not a public service they do not need to provide them, yer right you mean you did not fill them out. however said spoke to a government agency and they informed me that as long as i email them stating i request all these documents under Australian Privacy Principle 12 which we did, then the so called manager now handling this goes all quiet.
Any person who has been treated unfairly or discriminated as they have a medical issue, threatened vindicated bullied or stood over by a bunch of creeps they all are then please call the Australian human rights commission Canberra its a toll free number, they have taken our situation on board as once we provided the evidence this took place it will now be heard by them, if death star have the balls to show up as we will be asking a monitor and dvd player be supplied so this way jet star will view there covering up of what took place and did what they did. As for safety 1st well seems they would not understand what this means as the aircraft seats we were in with a 4 year old were faulty as where the monitors, also we asked for 2 seat belt extensions and they only supplied 1 which was faulty so we both took off and landed without restrains , yet they pride themselves on safety. Even worse the medical device they took of us in force which we had permission to have on board and is also allowed under there guidelines and Qantas guidelines as death stars web page for medical devices links to Qantas which both state the device is allowed as carry on as this along with a 4 kg case is all we had on board between 3 paying passengers. what they did not stop to ask was there any more batteries as they made me remove the 1 in the medical device place in our carry on, well there was a 2nd battery in the carry case and under CASA, FAA & ATSB these batteries are not allowed under the aircraft with luggage as due to conditions may cause explosion. Even worse somehow they lost it along with 1 of 3 oximeters we carry so if its stuck somewhere under where luggage is loaded then they have a major issue let alone failing to meet aircraft safety guidelines. if these idiots only knew the damage they caused to my partners health however believe how is it there fault well lets see, they damaged the oxygen device so partner did not have required prescribed oxygen every night for 14 nights, cause issues where he became tired confused disorientated loss off appetite blood infection and clots as well as swelling, lets ad his organs that relied on the 3LT per min oxygen were only receiving 30 to 35% at 1.5 lt per min, your crew did not allow the device which we had permission to have as carry on from jet star customer service and there own guidelines, jet star damaged the medical device that we have proof is not a dangerous good as they made out and jet star staff damaged the device. It comes down to negligence and that is exactly what there staff carried out they were negligent in this whole matter and did not care less they came close to killing my partner from there negligent act 3 times. His Doctors are now running tests to see what damage they caused lucky he had a lung function test before we jetted off as they are doing another as he slowly gets on his feet again only recently however still now requires 24/7 oxygen where he only required it when sleeping. His blood oxygen gases every day sit between 85% to 90% which is a worry as not having the prescribed amount of oxygen he required also leads to brain damage as he is nocturnal thus why he uses oxygen with his cpap device which was fine to have on board as carry on. Death star your days are coming as your nothing but shit, ps the Orthodox Hellenic club that uses or should i say used death star will no longer book any flight with them again. As my partner is club secretary for the main branch he advised all club members Australia wide 298000 members that on any holiday they book as of now it will not be with jet star nor Qantas rather more the airline that operates in that country, jet star you just lost 34 holidays they were going to book for this financial year along with also losing the business of 9 travel agents who are sponsors and members of the Australian Hellenic club. Wait till i inform the club i am secretary of as the Croatian club will cease all dealings with jet star and Qantas, would rather swim than board your aircraft let alone allow our members board them. Stay away from these pricks

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