Stuck in Sydney overnight back in July ... $8 cash refund and a $50 voucher so far as compensation

Got stuck in Sydney after the last flight out was cancelled despite knowing they had a backlog all day long. Made everyone line up at the gate until the very last minute before cancelling the flight and telling everyone to come back tomorrow.

The whole process of rebooking was a complete $%#@ up, but that's another story.

Eventually got hoe mid afternoon the following day and put in my claim for hotel accom ($177) at SYD and meals ($30). Total cost $207 - Jetstar agreed to pay $150 as was their policy. Kept at it and kept at it arguing if they could show me a hotel nearby that was avail that night for $150 I'd happily accept that. Knowing there wasn't and $177 was the cheapest I refused to budge. Finally got confirmation they'd pay $8 to compensate for the seat selection I went without!!

Again, entirely another story about rebooking and giving up my aisle seat to be squeezed into the middle seat with two other big guys when haf the plane was empty.

So thrilled at the $8 offer I went out and brought a new car! Kept at them about the $207. Eventually they promised to pay in mid Sept and bank details were sent. Then nothing. No payment. No answer to emails. Pointed out this was clsassic bad debtor behaviour. Then got another email where they were very careful with there selection of verbs. Payment had been "processed" ... which is different to "paid" Agreed to process in 3 days.

Needless to say, still zippo.

Application lodged with Victorian Civil & Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) Civil List for hearing in November.

Purchased the necessary ASIC forms (if anyone needs a copy of the Jetstar Group extract, get in touch, happy to share) and noticed Alan Joyce still a director. I suppose all this questionable corporate behaviour is what contributes to being the highest paid CEO in the country (now important disclaimer that that comment is just my opinion of course) ... but do look forward to seeing you at least one Qantas lawyer at VCAT

Stay tuned :)

Australia-Melbourne - Tullamarine