Terrible, pathetic service of Jetstar!

I went to wait at the gate and heard the announcements that everything on you will be weighed to ensure they are within 7kg limit or they will throw luggage away unless you pay the fine $, I have my luggage weighed well below 7kg, then they asked to weigh my handbag together which is 8kg in total. Then they didn’t want to give me the sticker to go, instead asking me to pay $60.. well I can wear extra clothing but does that need to be that impersonal? I asked that I am only 50kg, does that 1kg you really want me to put on me to let me go? Can you think that I am weighing 51kg instead? They said no, you need to follow the rule! How picky is that? I ended up have to put extra 1kg clothing on me, what’s the point? There is no safety issue they just want to grab extra money they are allowed to ‘by rule’, the staff is very impersonal and told me with grim that I am not allowed to take the extra 1kg of clothing off during the flight??! Is that how they teach their staff to be respectful and customer focused?

Never Ever ride with Jetstar, avoid them at any cost, honestly!

New Zealand-Auckland
New Zealand-Wellington