They change the flights - no Refund... You complain they disconnect

Tried to get a refund for a flight they changed. Was direct then had a stop.. didnt work for us.. Has taken over two weeks to connect via their chat service. Accumulated wait time of over 2 hrs

When I pointed out that they had changed the flights from direct they disconnected. AND I did not get to say if I wnated to proceed or not.

Bit of a read

Thank you for contacting us today. Please see below for the transcript of the chat between you and our team member on 11/08/2022.

Chat Started: Thursday, August 11, 2022, 14:43:24 (+1000)
Chat Origin: VA-Disrupts & English
Agent AgentB
( 1s ) Agent: *Please do not share your credit card information, security code or CVV in this chat window.*
Hi, my name is Agent. How can I help you today?
( 1m 10s ) Me: I been trying to organise a refund for this flight (and my wifes) because of changes made to the original itinerary
( 2m 23s ) Agent: I understand that you wish to have a refund. I can definitely help you out with your concern. Stay connected while I pull up your booking.
( 2m 59s ) Agent: I can see here that a voucher was already requested under this booking
( 3m 48s ) Me: I wasnt sure if that happened. I did not receive confirmation. I also need to arrange it for my wifes flight as well
( 5m 5s ) Agent: The flight was already cancelled and refund is already on process
( 5m 51s ) Me: Ok. What about my wifes flight?
( 6m 40s ) Agent: What is the booking reference number of your wife's flight?
( 6m 46s ) Me: BNHJ4X
( 8m 10s ) Agent: Thank you, let me pull up the booking on my end.
( 8m 44s ) Agent: Please verify the flight details on this booking
( 10m 15s ) Me: What do you mean? Those are the details from an email sent by Jetstar?
( 12m 35s ) Agent: Can yoou verify the flight details of your wife please
( 14m 33s ) Me: What details do you mean? number times date?. There are multiple flights under that booking number. Or is it her personal details you need
( 14m 54s ) Agent: I'll just need the flight details to make sure that this is the correct one which I have pulled up.
( 16m 17s ) Me: 7/9/22 JQ 680, 11Sep Jq773, Aa Sep JQ713
( 16m 43s ) Me: 7/9/22 JQ 680, 11Sep Jq773, 11 Sep JQ713
( 17m 19s ) Agent: Awesome, May I know if you are authorised to access the booking?
( 18m 4s ) Me: Yes I made the booking. My Credit card was used and all of the contact details you have (email etc) are mine
( 19m 8s ) Agent: Sure, let me check on my end. May I know the reason for the refund?
( 20m 2s ) Me: Jestar have changed the flights and times (This has happened a couple of times) and they are no longer appropriate.
( 21m 26s ) Agent: My apologies for the inconvenience, let me just go ahead an check the booking.
( 25m 24s ) Agent: I can offer a free move for the departing flight and return flight.
( 25m 59s ) Me: No. The trip has been cancelled. we need a refund
( 27m 10s ) Agent: I can see here that the departing flight is leaving 20:25 from 20:20 it was not cancelled
( 28m 10s ) Me: The change in flights has forced us to cancel other parts - Not jetstar and as such for us the trip is cancelled.
( 29m 24s ) Agent: The flight was not cancelled but it has been changed the departure and arrival, for the return flight from a direct flight it has been moved to connecting flight
( 30m 54s ) Me: Yes the flight has been changed from the original and it is not suitable. It has forced us to CANCEL our other arrangements. We cannot travel under the changes that Jetstar have made
( 31m 55s ) Agent: I can only help you cancel and refund for the return flight since the forward flight is just 5 mins delayed from its previous schedule
( 33m 1s ) Me: But because of the Jetstar changes to the return flight it has forced us to not fly... We cant do the trip at all.
( 33m 56s ) Agent: I can help you to cancel your return flight and process the refund, but for the forward flight, refund is not an option
( 34m 36s ) Me: So due to changes made by Jetstar you wont refund?
( 35m 16s ) Agent: as I have mentioned earlier your departing flight has a 5 minute change only, so that means it is not eligible for refund, you got the point?
( 36m 15s ) Agent: The return flight is eligible for refund back to mode of payment, not the entire booking.
( 38m 45s ) Me: The original flights were all direct. This has now changed. Changed by Jetstar. As mentioned these flights have been changed by jetstar a number of times. If we cant make the return flight to work due to your changes, how can you justify no refund on the forward flight
( 38m 49s ) Agent: I totally understand that's why I am offering a refund for your return flight only because it has changed from a direct to a connecting flight. get it or not as I am explaining over and over again but you keep on insisting to refund the entire booking, are we going to proceed or not?
( 39m 34s ) Me: Why not the forward flight.. Jetstar has made the change that doesnt work
( 39m 43s ) Agent: A 5 minute change really?
( 40m 1s ) Me: From a direct flight
( 40m 30s ) Agent: That is HBA-ADL 20:25-21:50, so tell me if its a connecting flight
( 41m 29s ) Agent: Are you still there? Let me know if you'd like to keep chatting.
( 41m 57s ) Me: Yes Im getting the info. I have a nummber of Jetstar emails to get through
( 42m 35s ) Agent: Just confirm is this flight details is what you seen on your end, HBA-ADL 20:25-21:50
( 44m 59s ) Me: Ok. Original flight was JQ 681 ADL-Hob on 5.25 - 17.25.... New flight is JQ773 ADL - Mel 12.30-14.20 then JQ713 Mlb - HOB 19.10-20.25
( 45m 47s ) Agent: For your forward flight, here's the recovery option that I can offer; free move to the flight immediately before or after the original flight. Are we going to proceed or not?
( 46m 33s ) Agent: For your wife's return flight, here's the recovery option that I can offer; a Free move to the flights within 24 hours earlier or later, the next available direct flight when changed to sum-of-sector or a Refund of the affected sector, all unflown sectors. Which one do you prefer? And please tell me if we are going to proceed or not?

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