They changed the time and COMPANY (to Virgin) of our flight and then we weren't even on the system!!

I was in Melbourne for a weekend for a music festival. Getting home to Hobart with jetstar was a nightmare!!! They rang me the day before we were going home to inform me that not only had the time of the flight been changed but the AIRLINE COMPANY had also been changed, to virgin. I didn't even know this was possible. Anyway, so we couldn't do anything on the Sunday anymore which was a shame. So we got to the airport with plenty of time. Tried to check in with virgin and we weren't on the system. Walked up to the other end of the airport where jetstar was and they told us to go speak with virgin. So we lined up in he queue which was so long, that we missed the flight we were 'supposed' to be on. When we got to the counter at virgin, they could not find us on the system and told us to go speak with jetstar. So back we went to jetstar and the lady had no idea what to do. So we were stranded and not even on any systems even though we had obviously already paid. More and more people came up to the desk with the same problem. No one was on the system. This then resulted to everyone then being put on the virgin system but you had to keep checking to see if you did end up on system. Then when you were on the system you had to wait hours for the next flight. Such a nightmare and to make it worse we were exhausted from a music festival the day/night before. I will NEVER fly jetstar again.

Australia-Melbourne - Tullamarine