Try And Beat This Classic

Im sitting in my lounge its 2030 pm on the 22/10.12 in Alice Springs my phone rings its my mate ringing from Bangkok airport, mate i thought you were back in Darwin i said to him. Okay he says i agree Shitstar are a joke he's first flight from Bangkok to Singapore was cancelled so they put him on the 7pm flight which still gets him into Singapore to connect to he's flight to Darwin. Wrong they then cancel the Singapore to Darwin flight so he's now stuck in Singapore.
I have been on this site a few times and have said the Darwin Singapore route has massive problems and that this pathetic joke of a airline who treats people like shit need to start to be held accountable. After reading all your reports i told my mate to get all receipts signed by the person who served him because Shitstar also have a pathetic reputation for repaying money owed to people who have been shafted by Shitstar. Check out Silk Air for flights from Singapore to Darwin i now do !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!